When we presented the United States-Mexico High-Level Group for the Electrification of Transportation a year ago, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it seemed a long way off to be able to count on a diagnosis that, together with a series of recommendations, would serve to give us the impetus necessary for the transition of the Mexican automotive industry to electromobility. Today this is already a reality and a panorama of opportunities for our country is glimpsed.
Dr. Dan Sperling of Institute for Transportation Studies-UC Davis, who is co-leading an Alianza MX strategic research project on the electrification of transport and is a member of the US-Mexico High-Level Task Force, weighed in on California state policies policies to promote clean trucks.
A few weeks ago, the international scientific community once again warned that the world is rapidly approaching irreversible levels of global warming, with catastrophic impacts inevitable, calling for drastic and immediate action, within the next seven years, to avoid catastrophe. , reducing carbon emissions and increasing resilience and adaptation actions with a climate justice approach.