Research and Innovation

Aaron Melaas, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research and Innovation

Director Asociado de Investigación e Innovación

Responsible for directing multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research programs and projects involving collaboration between UC faculty, students, and researchers and partner institutions in Mexico. Also responsible for the coordination of historic programs through UC MEXUS as well as the development and execution of new binational initiatives in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Anaid Linares Rojas

Research Engagement Coordinator

Coordinadora de Vinculación de Investigación

Responsible for engaging with representatives from higher education, government, and other organizations to enhance research development opportunities; designing, implementing, and evaluating binational research programs; and coordinating events and other academic activities from Casa de la Universidad de California in Mexico City.

Jail Ixel Cruz García

Strategic Initiatives Engagement Coordinator

Coordinadora de Iniciativas Estratégicas de Investigación

Responsible for coordination and engagement with binational stakeholders participating in the Zero Emission Vehicles Strategic Initiative sub-working groups: Light Duty Vehicles (LDV), Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles (MHDV), and Electromobility in Cities. Also responsible for achieving the initiative´s objectives and planned activities; and for promoting communication and liasion with the research team to address strategic issues through research conducted at UC.


Academic Research and Programs Officer

Oficial de Investigación y Programas Académicos

Responsible for coordinating research and academic programs, including UC MEXUS Programs and other initiatives, tracking ongoing research supported by Alianza MX, supporting Mexican graduate students enrolled in the UC system, and helping UC students find research opportunities in Mexico.

Education and Training

Andrea Galván Vélez

Associate Director of Academic Exchange and Continuing Education

Directora Asociada de Intercambio Académico y Educación Continua

Responsible for engaging with higher education, government, and non-profit and private sector organizations from both California and Mexico interested in promoting educational exchanges. The Associate Director of Student Affairs and Extension is responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing assessment of programs, courses, events, and other academic activities from Casa de la Universidad de California in Mexico.

Yazmín Salazar Romero

Program Assistant

Asistente de Programas

Responsible for providing administrative support to the Academic Exchange and Continuing Education team; as for example, through the Climate Ambassadors Initiative and more.

Gabriela Zapata Caballero

Program Assistant

Asistente de Programas

Coordinator of the Climate Ambassador´s Strategic Initiative


Julianna Hernandez

Associate Director of Operations for Alianza MX

Directora Asociada de Operaciones de Alianza MX

Responsible for providing oversight of the operational and administrative activities of Alianza MX. Also provides guidance and direction to staff at both locations and coordinates and helps implement systemwide agreements with mexican agencies and academic institutions.

Veronica Barroso

Associate Director of Operations for Casa de California

Directora Asociada de Operaciones de Casa de California

Responsible for overseeing the administration and development of activities as well as providing logistical support for special events from Casa de la Universidad de California en México.

Antonio Alvarado Padilla

Outreach and Communication Coordinator

Coordinador de Comunicación y Difusión

Responsible for coordinating activities to implement and improve the outreach, events, and communication strategy that supports the UC Alianza MX program.

Paola Plata

Executive Analyst & Assistant to Alianza UCMX Director

Analista Ejecutivo y Asistente de la Directora de Alianza UCMX

Executive assistant to the Director of Alianza UCMX. Provides executive-level administrative support, managing the Director´s time, and responds to inquiries from a wide range of internal and external constituents. Administers travel planning and event logistics.