Currently, our efforts directly support several types of proposals:

Calls for Research Proposals

UC and Mexican researchers are invited to respond to joint funding calls organized by Alianza MX and Mexican partner institutions. Collaborative research proposals must include at least 3 principal investigators (PIs), including at least 2 from the UC, and projects are funded for a minimum of two years.

Strategic Research Projects

UC researchers can submit an action research proposal for up to two years of seed funding support from Alianza MX. Proposals must directly engage non-academic audiences on issues of importance to the binational relationship, and they must include collaborators from multiple UC campuses as well as at least one partner institution in Mexico.

Latino Studies Projects

UC researchers can submit a Latino studies research proposal for up to one year of seed funding support from Alianza MX. Proposals must include a focus on Latino, Hispanic, or Chicano people and communities in California. Collaborators from multiple UC campuses and/or Mexican partner institutions are encouraged but not required.

Student Research Support

UC graduate students are invited to submit applications for funding support from Alianza MX to complete specific research projects as part of their academic and professional development. Graduate students undertaking research activities in Mexico must be hosted by a full-time researcher at a local host institution.

Binational Working Groups

UC and Mexican researchers can participate in multi-disciplinary working groups that bring researchers together to share inprogress and completed research with colleagues and facilitate the development of binational collaborative research proposals, including applications for joint funding support from Alianza MX and Mexican partner institutions.

Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Alianza MX seeks to stimulate binational innovation exchanges, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship. Researchers can submit proposals for access to technology incubation services at UC innovation centers and private sector leaders can engage academic experts in collaboration on R&D.

UC MEXUS Programs

The UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) has supported research collaboration between the UC and Mexican partners since 1980 and was integrated into Alianza MX in 2019. It provided joint funding for collaborative research and academic exchanges with Mexico's National Science & Technology Council (CONACYT) until 2020.

Alianza MX Resources

Researchers can access application forms for seed funding support from Alianza MX as well as joint calls for research proposals organized with Mexican partner institutions. A Faculty Directory also provides information on UC researchers that have experience with or interest in collaboration with Mexico.

Faculty Directory