Meeting with UNAM on Migration & Inequality


Wednesday, August 17


Present Migration and Inequality as core topics for research cooperation between the UC and UNAM, highlighting their relevance to the UC as Hispanic-Serving Institutions and to UC Merced as a campus located in California’s Central Valley

Update participants on progress of UC-UNAM Migration & Inequality Working Group, first convened in Spring 2022

Discuss the Working Group agenda and outline calendar of upcoming activities through Spring 2023

Participants from UNAM
  • Gabriela Ríos, Academic Director for the Humanities
  • Francisco Trigo, Vice Provost for International Affairs
  • Graciela Martínez Zalce, Director of the Center for Research on North America (CISAN)
  • Fernando Lozano, Director of the Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research (CRIM)
Participants from University of California and Alianza MX
      • Juan Muñoz, Chancellor, UC Merced 
      • Luanna K. Putney, Associate Chancellor & Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, UC Merced 
      • Marjorie Zatz, Interim Vice Chancellor and Research and Economic Development, UC Merced  
      • Garett Gietzen, Director, Office of International Affairs
      • Tracey Osborne, Director of UC Center for Climate Justice; Associate Professor and Presidential Chair, UC Merced 
      • Zenaida Aguirre- Muñoz, Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Merced
      • Josue Medellín, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, UC Merced 
      • Maria Cortes, Student, UC Merced
      • Angela Flores, Student, UC Merced
      • Gabriel Lopez, Student, UC Merced
      • Isabel Studer, Director, UC Alianza MX; Professor of the School of Public Policy, UC Riverside
      • Aaron Melaas, Associate Director of Research and Innovation, UC Alianza MX
      • Anaid Linares, Research Engagement Coordinator, UC Alianza MX