Meeting UC Merced-UNAM Academic Exchange and Mobility Opportunities


Wednesday, August 17


Highlight UC Merced’s areas of interest and opportunity in terms of academic cooperation and student exchanges and discuss further collaboration opportunities for UC Merced and UNAM.

Showcase hybrid courses as models for the new UC-UNAM call for the joint development of online courses that will include a faculty-led component.


New UC-UNAM call for the joint development of online courses

UC Merced-UNAM hybrid courses (COIL with an in-person component)

UC Merced and UNAM committed to increasing student mobility opportunities between their institutions. The new UC-UNAM call for the joint development of hybrid courses seeks to facilitate collaboration between the faculty of each campus in the creation of courses that will lead to increased mobility opportunities for students on both sides of the border. Faculty have already submitted course proposals in areas as diverse as soil sciences, social movements and ethnic studies. UC Alianza MX will provide guidance and support to UC faculty who wish to participate in the development of joint online/hybrid courses.

Participants from UNAM
  • Francisco Trigo, Vice Provost for International Affairs
  • Jessica Carpinteiro, Director for Academic Cooperation
  • Adriana Oviedo, Deputy Director for Academic Cooperation
  • Dolores Gonzalez-Casanova, Deputy Director for Institutional Liaisons
  • Carlos Maza, Coordinator for the Promotion of Internationalization
  • Blanca Prado, Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Soil Science Program
Participants from University of California and Alianza MX
  • Isabel Studer, Director; Professor of the School of Public Policy, UC Riverside
  • Andrea Galván, Associate Director of Academic Exchange & Continuing Education
  • Veronica Sandoval, Academic Exchange & Continuing Education Coordinator
  • Aaron Melaas, Associate Director of Research and Innovation