UC Change Makers Series

The second networking event of the UC Change Makers/UC Agentes de Cambio series took place on June, 30th, 2022 at Casa de la Universidad de California in Mexico City. This time, a Panel of UC Berkeley alumni conversed on Perspectives for Mexico in a volatile context.

All fellow UC Berkeley graduates, Dr. Arturo Cherbowski, General Director of Unversia Mexico and Executive Director of Santander Universidades; Dr. Nain Martínez, researcher of the Center of International Studies at El Colegio de México; Dra. Judith Kalman, Professor and Researcher at Cinvestav; and Mtro. Antonio Ocaranza, General Director OCA Reputación highlighted international events,  such  as the Russian-Ukrainian war,  the  rampant inflation and the instability suffered by the democratic institutions,  in  order to understand within what context climate change,  education, social inequality and poverty issues should be tackled.

This was a hybrid event with a was a total attendance of 25 guest: 16 guests in person at Casa de la Universidad de California and 10 guests via Zoom. A campus spotlight on UC Berkeley was on Alianza MX’s social media: significant figures and facts on UC Berkeley were shared on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, with the aim of contextualizing the distinguished alumn and highlighting UC Berkeley’s significant relevance and contributions to society.

The UC ChangeMakers Series is a collaboration between UC Alianza MX and the UC Mexican Alumni Network to support and strengthen the consolidation of UC Alumni community in Mexico. The Series seeks to host a monthly event to highlight the different campuses of the system and their notable alumni.