Luncheon with Universidad Autónoma Chapingo (UACh)


Wednesday, August 17


Introduce leadership of UC Merced and Chapingo Autonomous University

Review ideas for research collaboration that emerged from the initial faculty brainstorming session in July 2022

Discuss next steps for convening binational research teams

Participants from Chapingo Autonomous University
  • José Solís, Rector
  • Arturo Hernández, General Director of Research and Postgraduate Programs
  • Efrén Fitz-Rodríguez,Researcher
  • Francisco Pérez Soto, Researcher
  • Ramón Valdivia Alcalá, Researcher
Participants from University of California and Alianza MX
    • Juan Muñoz, Chancellor, UC Merced
    • Luanna K. Putney, Associate Chancellor & Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, UC Merced
    • Marjorie Zatz, Interim Vice Chancellor and Research and Economic Development, UC Merced
    • Tracey Osborne, Director of UC Center for Climate Justice; Associate Professor and Presidential Chair, UC Merced
    • Garett Gietzen, Director of International Affairs, UC Merced
    • Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Merced
    • Josué Medellín, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, UC Merced
    • Isabel Studer, Director, UC Alianza MX; Professor of the School of Public Policy, UC Riverside
    • Aaron Melaas, Associate Director of Research and Innovation, UC Alianza MX
    • Anaid Linares, Research Engagement Coordinator, UC Alianza MX