Meeting with Representatives from U.S Embassy in Mexico City


Wednesday, August 17


Explore opportunities for building student exchange programs between UC Merced and Mexican universities, particularly in the context of ongoing conversations with the US Embassy about establishing a binational consortium of universities for the US-Mexico Bicentennial (December 2022)

Participants from US Embassy
  • Silvio González, Designated Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy, U.S Embassy
  • Winnie Hofstetter, Acting Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy
  • Araceli Partearroyo, Senior Academic Affairs Specialist, US Embassy
Participants from University of California and Alianza MX
    • Juan S. Muñoz, Chancellor, UC Merced
    • Luanna K. Putney, Associate Chancellor & Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, UC Merced
    • Marjorie Zatz, Interim Vice Chancellor and Research and Economic Development, UC Merced
    • Tracey Osborne, Director of UC Center for Climate Justice; Associate Professor and Presidential Chair, UC Merced
    • Garret Gietzen, Director of International Affairs, UC Merced
    • Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Merced
    • Josue Medellín, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, UC Merced
    • Maria Cortes, Student, UC Merced
    • Angela Flores, Student, UC Merced
    • Gabriel Lopez, Student, UC Merced
    • Isabel Studer, Director, UC Alianza MX; Professor of the School of Public Policy, UC Riverside
    • Araceli Vazquez, Associate Director of Policy and Engagement, UC Alianza MX
    • Andrea Galván, Associate Director of Academic Exchange and Continuing Education, UC Alianza MX
    • Aaron Melaas, Associate Director of Research and Innovation, UC Alianza MX