Launch of the “Climate Ambassadors CA-MX” Initiative


Wednesday, August 17


Inaugurate University of California - Alianza MX “Climate Ambassadors” initiative, which aims to build a network of students in Mexico and California committed to a bilateral climate change and climate justice agenda that addresses shared challenges for communities, businesses, and society at large on both sides of the border.

The Climate Ambassadors initiative will offer an enriching experience to students from California and Mexico through networking, training, and matching them with companies, NGO’s and governments determined to meet their climate and clean energy goals.

  • The launching event of the Climate Ambassadors CA-MX/Embajadores Climaticos CA-MX program took place on August 17, 2022, at Casa de la Universidad de California in Mexico City.

The University of California Alianza MX had the honor of hosting three panels comprised of participants that are critical to the success of this program: Climate Ambassadors students, academic representation across the UC and from academic institutions in Mexico, mentors, NGO’s and private sector partners. Special guest speakers included Juan S. Muñoz, Chancellor of the University of California Merced, and Silvio González, Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy, US Embassy Mexico. Over 60 guests attended the event (including virtual participation).

Panelists highlighted why this program is relevant to their institutions and shared programs/actions that they’re currently undertaking to advance the climate agenda. It was inspiring to see all the Climate Ambassadors present and on Zoom take the leadership reigns in pursuit of solutions to the critical challenges of our time for CA and Mexico.


Welcome and Meeting objectives

Isabel Studer, Director, University of California-Alianza MX
Silvio González, Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy, US Embassy Mexico
Juan S. Muñoz, Chancellor, University of California Merced

California and Mexico: Climate Change and Climate Justice Academic Panel

Karla Cedano, UNAM/Asociación Nacional de Energía Solar (ANES) (moderator)
Tracey Osborne, University of California Jean Francois Prud’homme, El Colegio de México
Leticia Merino, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Alejandro Anaya, Universidad Iberoamericana
Jorge Reyes, Universidad Anáhuac
Fonna Forman, UC San Diego (via zoom)

Climate Ambassadors Student Cohort Panel

Ana Hanhausen, Plastic Oceans - Mexico (moderator)
Emilia Hall Fernández, Universidad Anáhuac
Cristian Aram Flores Negrete, El Colegio de México
Angela Flores, UCMerced
Gaby Zapata, Universidad Marista Mérida
Iyari Balderas, Universidad Iberoamericana Rogelio Barrios Rosas, UNAM
Kali Krishnan, UC Riverside (via zoom)
Ricardo Hernandez, UC San Diego (via zoom)

Climate Ambassadors Partners Panel

Isabel Studer, Director, University of California-Alianza MX (moderator)
Antoinette West, Elemental Excelerator
Patricia Tatto, Mexican Women in Renewable Energy (MERM)
Gustavo Alanís, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (CEMDA)
Adrián Fernández, Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM)
Héctor Treviño, Asociación Mexicana de Energía Eólica
Nelson Delgado, Asociación Mexicana de Energía Solar

Closing Remarks

Isabel Studer, Director, University of California-Alianza MX

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