Visit to University of the Americas, Puebla (UDLAP)


Thursday, August 18


Discuss collaboration opportunities for UC Merced and UDLAP in terms of student exchanges and research, including for undergraduate and graduate students, including internship and short research stays opportunities.


The signing of a UCMerced-UDLAP MoU for Academic Cooperation.

Academic exchange collaboration for internships and short research stays.

Participants from UDLAP
  • Cecilia Anaya, Interim Chancellor 

    Martin Serrano, Dean, Research and Graduate Studies  

    Daniel Lozada Ramírez, Dean, School of Sciences 

    Rene Alejandro Lara Diaz, Dean, School of Engineering 

    Luis Enrique Lara Alvarez, Director General, Student Incorporation and Alumni 

    Georgina Garcia, Director of International Affairs 

    Diego de Jesus Lastiri Soria, Director, International Incorporation and Graduate Studies 

Participants from the US Embassy in Mexico

Silvio González, Minister Counsellor for Public Diplomacy 

Araceli Partearroyo, Senior Specialist for Academic Affairs

Participants from University of California and Alianza MX
  • Juan Muñoz, Chancellor, UC Merced
  • Luanna K. Putney, Associate Chancellor & Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, UC Merced
  • Marjorie Zatz, Interim Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development, UC Merced 
  • Tracey Osborne, Director of UC Center for Climate Justice; Associate Professor and Presidential Chair, UC Merced
  • Garett Gietzen, Director of International Affairs, University of California, Merced
  • Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Merced
  • Josué Medellín, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, UC Merced
  • Maria Cortes, Student, UC Merced
  • Angela Flores, Student, UC Merced
  • Gabriel Lopez, Student, UC Merced
  • Isabel Studer, Director of UC Alianza MX and Professor of the School of Public Policy, at UC Riverside
  • Andrea Galván, Associate Director of Academic Exchange & Continuing Education, UC Alianza MX
  • Anaid Linares, Research Engagement Coordinator, UC Alianza MX
  • Paola Plata, Executive Assistant, UC Alianza MX
  • Araceli Vazquez, Associate Director Policy and Engagement, UC Alianza MX