Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for Mexican Doctoral Degree-Holders at University of California Campuses and for UC Doctoral Degree-Holders at Mexican Institutions


A program established under the UC-CONACYT Agreement 

of Cooperation in Higher Education and Research

 The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) and Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) are pleased to announce a joint program to support postdoctoral researchers at the University of California or at Mexican institutions of higher education or research. This postdoctoral research fellowship is for Mexican doctoral degree holders at University of California Campuses and for UC doctoral degree holders at Mexican Institutions. 

The primary objective of this program is to advance academic scholarship by emerging Mexican researchers and UC scientists and scholars in the early stages of their careers, after obtaining their doctorate. In addition, the program seeks to support existing or developing binational academic networks by enhancing collaborative research projects between UC and Mexican faculty and institutions through the innovative involvement and training of new researchers. 



In keeping with these goals, postdoctoral applicants will be considered who will be actively participating in a research project or training program at the host UC campus or Mexican institution, with an emphasis on using the stay to advance their own academic and professional development as well as to solidify future binational research ties and networks. Applicants are encouraged to connect their proposed stays with projects submitted to the UC MEXUS-CONACYT Collaborative Grants Program competition.2 The program also seeks to support projects that include matching funds, either from the host campus or institution or from other funding sources. 



Dependent on the pool of applicants, reviewer recommendations, and available funding, up to 18 fellowships are offered with a preferred even division between Mexican and UC postdoctoral researchers. Fellowships for Mexican postdoctoral researchers support training and research with a UC host faculty member in the natural, physical or social sciences, humanities, engineering, or computer science. Fellowships provide a minimum of $50,760 and maximum of $61,308, depending on the scholar’s qualifications and experience, for a 12-month period at any UC campus, research center, institute or laboratory. 


Fellowships for UC postdoctoral scholars support training and research at a Mexican institution of higher education and/or research in the natural, physical or social sciences, humanities, engineering, or computer science. UC postdoctoral scholars conducting their postdoctoral stays in Mexico will receive a minimum of $50,760 and maximum of $61,308, depending on the scholar’s qualifications and experience, for a 12-month period. 


Fellowship salary is provided in accordance with the “University of California, Postdoctoral Contract, effective 10/17/2016 – 9/30/2020, Article 4. Compensation.” UC MEXUS will provide funds toward the postdoctoral scholar’s health care insurance at the HMO level and benefits. Any additional financial support required beyond that specified here must be provided by the home UC campus, research center, institute or laboratory. No funding is provided for indirect costs in any form. 

Postdoctoral scholars may begin their residencies no earlier than September 1, 2020 and end no later than April 1, 2022. They must begin their postdoctoral stay within 90 days of their originally proposed starting date and complete their stay no later than within 12 months or less from that date. This program does not allow fellowships to be deferred to a subsequent academic year if the residency cannot be completed within this timeline. 


Successful applicants may apply for a second year of funding through this program. However, continuation proposals are very competitive and will compete against new 2020 proposals for the same limited pool of awards and are not guaranteed funding. (See page E-5 for guidelines for submitting continuation applications.) 


The postdoctoral fellowship is a full-time, in-person commitment at the host institution. Activities for all candidates should include scientific and academic development at the postdoctoral level, with the purpose of providing unique expertise for the applicant, increasing knowledge and access to new techniques and methodologies for the applicant’s future home institution, and/or to initiate a long-term program of research and collaboration between Mexican institutions and the University of California. Teaching and student assistance may be included, if appropriate for increasing academic ties, but the focus of the postdoctoral stay should be based on participation in a research project or program. Preference will be given to applicants whose proposals clearly indicate a strong rationale for conducting a full-time stay at a particular host institution.