Special Topics: Projects in Latino Studies

In 1989 UC MEXUS published The Challenge: Latinos in a Changing California, prepared by the University of California for the California Legislature in response to Senate Concurrent Resolution 43. In keeping with SCR 43, UC MEXUS remains committed to funding research, proposal development, creative activity, and dissertation research in the area of Latino Studies.


Proposals to UC MEXUS grants programs are particularly encouraged in areas that critically examine the historical and contemporary experiences of people of Mexican descent in the context of American society and institutions, including:

The study of particular aspects of Mexican history, culture, and politics as they bear upon the Latino community, past and present;

the interrelationships in the historical background, cultural patterns, and artistic expression of the Latino community that contribute to its role in American society;

the understanding and resolution of critical social, economic, health, education, and other issues pertinent to Latino populations in the United States; and

creative projects that will culminate in new works of graphic art, painting, fiction, music, dance, film, poetry, drama, or photography of the level typically recognized as scholarship in the academic disciplines of the arts and literature.