Special funding calls may be used for the following purposes:

To support data collection and analysis by the Mexico co-investigator

To provide student research assistance

To fund materials, supplies or field-work expenses for Mexican colleagues

To fund sharing of project results or procedures with binational partners

To fund collaboration meetings to develop research plans and procedures


Projects must be previously funded by confirmed or active awards. Proposals for supplemental funding must identify a specific co-investigator in Mexico.


Research projects are able to receive up to USD $5,000 in funding per PI for a six-month period.


Proposals must be submitted through the PI’s campus Office of Research (Contract and Grant or Sponsored Projects Office).


For questions or assistance in identifying Mexico-based collaborators, please contact Alianza MX at alianzaucmx@ucr.edu.

Special Funding Calls

Special Call for Binational Collaborative Projects Addressing COVID-19

Alianza MX launched its first Special Call in 2020 with support from UC MEXUS [LINK TO PAGE C], the UC Berkeley Health Initiative of the Americas, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico Coordination for Engagement and Technology Transfer, InnovaUNAM.


A second-round Special Call was launched in 2022 to provide additional funding support for a subset of projects from the first Special Call

Phase I of the Special Funding Call received 137 proposals. These included 25 in the biomedical sciences, 32 in health systems, and 59 on the social and economic consequences of the pandemic, while an additional 21 proposals covered multiple topics. Researchers, academics, and students from more than 40 UNAM entities and nine campuses of the University of California participated.

From this list, 19 projects were selected to receive USD $5,000 in funding. 

Project Name UC Campus
COVID Access: Web plaform to look for information regarding COVID-19
San Francisco
Anti-COVID peptides: Blocking SARS-CoV-2 infection with engineered peptides
Los Angeles
Characterization of brain ACE2→ANGIOTENSIN-(1-7)→MAS RECEPTOR AXIS, its association with cognitive behavior and regulation by vitamin “d” in western diet-induced obesity
Online psychological counseling to serve the migrant population in California during COVID-19
Web platform to build communities and solidarity economy networks

In October 2021, Phase I projects were invited to submit proposals for a second funding stage. From the initial group of 19 projects, 12 submitted proposals for Phase II, with special consideration given to the possibility of licensing technology or establishing new companies that could help secure additional funding.


From this list, five projects were selected to receive USD $25,000 in funding. 

Project Name UC Campus
Discovering inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from natural sources
San Diego
Fractional calculus-based modeling & prediction of COVID19 spreading with network effects
COVID Access: Web platform to look for information regarding COVID-19
San Francsico
Targeting neutrophils as a strategy to ameliorate severe COVID-19
San Diego
Validation of a portable molecular diagnostic system for SARS-CoV-2 for point-of-care
Santa Cruz
PIs on Phase II projects also prepared short videos explaining their research:

Special Funding Calls

Special Call For Binational Collaborative Projects In Renewable Energy

Details coming soon.