Lunch with UC Mexican Alumni


Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Highlight Alianza MX’s efforts to build a community of UC alumni in Mexico as “social change-makers” and critical partners in fostering the UC collaborative agenda in Mexico.


Next networking event of the UC Change Makers Series to be held in June 2022.

The more than 2 million living UC alumni maintain a lifelong commitment to the University of California and distinguish themselves by their passion, curiosity and a drive to make a difference.


From government officials to entrepreneurs and community organizers, UC Alumni in Mexico are committed change makers in their paths of life and will always have a home at the Casa de California as UC Alianza MX aims provides spaces and opportunities for the UC Alumni community in Mexico to engage.


This lunch with alumni was an opportunity for the UC Delegation to learn about the UC Mexican Alumni Network and about the community that is being built in Mexico. It was also a time for connection for our guest alumni and for planning for future activities and events.

Guest Alumni

Aldo R. Flores Quiroga, UCLA alumnus

Alejandra Ríos Cázares, UC San Diego alumna

Antonio Ocaranza Fernández, UC Berkeley alumnus

Arturo Cherbowski Lask, UC Berkeley alumnus

Daniel Chiquiar, UC San Diego alumnus

David Hayes Bautista, UC San Francisco alumnus

David Laredo Razo, UC Merced alumnus

Esperanza Vielma, UC Berkeley alumna

Gavin Abreu, UC Berkeley alumnus

Gerardo Ruíz de Teresa, UC Berkeley alumnus

Judith Kalman Landman, UC Berkeley alumna

Julio Alfonso Santaella Castell, UCLA alumnus

Lupe Gallegos, UC Berkeley alumna

Maria Hayes Bautista, UCLA alumna

María Cristina Kessel Enríquez, UC San Diego alumna

Odón de Buen Rodríguez, UC Berkeley alumnus

Rafael F. Rivera Bustamante, UC Riverside alumnus

Verónica Irastorza, UC Berkeley alumna

Participants from University of California and Alianza MX

Kim Wilcox, Chancellor, UC Riverside; Executive Sponsor of Alianza MX

Christine Victorino, Associate Chancellor, University of California Riverside

Rodolfo Torres, Vice Chancellor and Research and Economic Development, UC Riverside

Marjorie Zatz, Interim Vice Chancellor for  Research and Economic Development, UC Merced

Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Dean – Global Affairs, UC Davis


Isabel Studer, Director of Alianza MX

Andrea Galván, Alianza MX Associate Director of Academic Exchange and Continuing Education

Aaron Melaas, Alianza MX Associate Director of Research and Innovation

Araceli Vazquez, Alianza MX Associate Director of Policy and Engagement

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