The goal of this RFA is to facilitate borderless classrooms by providing UC faculty the opportunity to co-create collaborative online courses with peers at partnering institutions in Mexico while fostering meaningful, sustainable and accessible international experiences for all UC students. UC faculty and their Mexico colleague(s) may co-develop and co-teach existing or new courses, or modules within courses. Content may be delivered synchronously or asynchronously.

Benefits for Students

Creates peer-to-peer interactions between UC and Mexico students with access to expanded binational network

Offers potential opportunities to work on binational research team projects

Allows for international engagement without degree interruption

Benefits for Faculty

Enables collaboration between faculty at UC and Mexico institutions of higher education

Provides an opportunity to expand topic(s) and bring international perspectives covered in traditional in-person courses

Course development resources (including coordination with third party providers)

Partnering activities and support

Exchange course samples

Assistance with institutional MOU agreements



Ladder-rank faculty from any of the 10 UC campuses are invited to apply.



Proposed courses may be existing or new courses in any academic discipline as long as they follow the respective campus’ Academic Senate new course approval process. Note that if a new course is not approved by 31 March 2022, funds will not be released. The Mexico partner institution course may be from the same or a different discipline. It is expected that faculty will together to develop a joint syllabus for the proposed course, minimum of 8-week duration.

Applicants must demonstrate institutional commitment and capacity and identify a facilitating campus office including staff member who will be able to assist the lead UC faculty course instructor. Use of an existing course is encouraged if the campus provides an innovative plan on how the campus will effectively contribute to the success of the virtual joint course.


Each application must include the identification and contact information of the following participants:

a lead UC faculty course instructor, and if applicable, a co-lead UC faculty course instructor

an international education program officer from the home campus (contact your campus’ International Affairs or Global Engagement office or the equivalent office on your campus)

Only complete applications will be accepted for consideration. This will be an open application process through June 2023. We project that 20 awards will be made over the two-year period, 2021-2023.

Applicants must demonstrate institutional commitment and capacity. Each application must include the contact information of the UC faculty member that will serve as the lead. The proposal must be reviewed and approved by the international education program office from the home campus and include the supporting representative’s information (contact your campus’ International Affairs or Global Engagement Office or the equivalent on your campus).

Request for applications

Please consult RFA for more information on Virtual Joint Courses: UC and Mexico