Through this RFA, Alianza MX’s Mobility Lab is providing funding for UC faculty-led mobility programs to Mexico of up to 10 days and focused on experiential learning for Spring 2022 and until Summer 2023. The Alianza MX team will also be available to offer programmatic guidance to faculty to bolster engagement with local stakeholders through our networks all across the country and offer added value to the experience.

Benefits for Students

Provides an opportunity to experience course-learnt content in person and in situ.

Creates peer-to-peer interactions between UC and Mexico students with access to expanded binational

Offers career enriching practical experience.

Allows for international engagement without extended time commitments.

Benefits for Faculty

Enables collaboration between faculty at UC and Mexico institutions of higher education and other Mexican partners.

Fosters the establishment of new networks and the reinforcement of existing ones.

Provides an opportunity to expand topic(s) covered in traditional in-class courses, bringing first-hand knowledge, with an international perspective.


Ladder-rank faculty from any of the 10 UC campuses are invited to apply.

Proposed faculty-led mobilities must be designed to be mainly experiential-learning based in any (but not limited to) the following areas:

Business and Trade

The Arts



Indigenous Studies

Resource management


Human Rights


Applications must reflect the inclusion of the following components in the proposed programs:

Significant fieldwork and experiential learning activities.

Students must apply for admission to UC programs of study and be at least provisionally admitted.

Local stakeholder engagement

Students must able to contextualize the program’s activities and experience within the communities they will be carrying them out, and so engagement with varied stakeholders is encouraged. The Alianza MX team will be available to advise and coordinate with applicants to identify and engage with appropriate stakeholders in Mexico.

Academic program correlation

The mobility experience to Mexico is meant to be an added value to an existing academic program/course that students are already involved with in their home campus; it is also meant to be a career enriching opportunity for students. Credit determination and granting is reserved to each home campus but applications must reflect their pertaining equivalences.

Applicants must demonstrate institutional commitment and capacity. Each application must include the contact information of the UC faculty member that will serve as the lead. The proposal must be reviewed and approved by the international education program office from the home campus and include the supporting representative’s information (contact your campus’ International Affairs or Global Engagement Office or the equivalent on your campus).

Request for applications

Please consult RFA for more information on Alianza MX’s Mobility Lab.