Nearing the bicentennial celebration of the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship, we have the opportunity to reflect on our common history and think progressively about shared actions that will benefit both nations. Let’s seek new strategies focusing on enhancing the California – Mexico relationship. 


Alianza MX is elated to announce the launch of the Extraordinary Mexico campaign throughput the University of California (UC). This campaign encourages UC students and faculty to rediscover Mexico as a promising location for academic endeavors. 


Our goal is to support the rise of bilateral academic exchange between California and Mexico. Open Doors 2022 outlined that there was a 91.7% decrease on U.S. study abroad students. 


A healthy bilateral exchange will lead to well versed students and faculty in California – Mexico relations which will strengthen our ties and foster greater understanding to work together to address common challenges.
promising future.  


Here’s to the next 200 years!